Professional Appointment Services (PAS)
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Our Services

We provide Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs). We schedule all types of evaluations from basic disability through second surgical opinions, Long Term Care Evaluations, fit for work exams, continuation of treatment, peer review and neuropsychological testing. We have provided IME services with every medical specialist from chiropractic to pain management. We make every effort to use different physicians of the same speciality in the same geographical area. This insures impartiality and reduces the chance of possible legal ramifications. As an adjunct to our scheduling services, we will schedule transportation, interpretation and even lodging.

We have a database of over 42,000 providers available to perform services primarily throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Our database is continuously updated with information pertaining to the physician's fee, the quality of the report, and the average time in which the report is completed. We've coordinated over 125,000 medical evaluations globally. IMEs can be requested via our website, email, phone, mail or fax.

We offer two plans for coordinating IMEs:

 Plan 1Plan 2
Abide by your maximum allowable physician's fee on a claim by claim basis or as standard procedureXX
Schedule an appointment with a Board Certified specialist near the insured's residenceXX
Provide you with the name, address and telephone number of the examining physician, the date and time of the appointment and the fee the physician will be charging for the examination and reportX 
Correspond with both the physician and the insured, incorporating your policy definitions and specific questions to be addressed in the doctor's report X
Forward any medical records you provide to the doctor X
Follow-up next day to ascertain successful completion of the evaluation X
Follow for the completed report X
Review the report for completeness and follow for clarification as needed X
Provide report to you immediately upon review X
Provide monthly self-explanatory itemized billing XX
Provide copies of the physician's original billing statement upon request X

Most requests processed within 48 hours with an average turn-around time of 4 to 5 weeks