Professional Appointment Services (PAS)
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Do your personnel have medical experience?

While we do not require anyone to have medical experience, we do have staff with medical backgrounds. In addition, our 35+ years of experience has provided all of our associates with the experience most necessary for competency in our field of scheduling IMEs. At PAS, we are not claims examiners and we make no determinations regarding benefits. We will gladly assist your staff in making the proper choice for your claimant's IME.

Does PAS have a panel of physicians who routinely provide IME services?

Each IME is scheduled on a per case basis. PAS has no contracts, verbal or written, with any physician or group. As we try to utilize the services of private practice physicians, each physician or provider is free to accept or deny performing an IME.

Does PAS work for the insurance company?

We are not contracted to any company or group although we schedule IMEs upon request of the insurance company, Union Local or TPA. We are paid for this service by those entities. However, we have no interest in the outcome of any IME and any opinions rendered by the physician/provider is their own.

How do you assure that the physician/provider will be able to perform the IME in the manner necessary for each claim?

We obtain Curriculum Vitae from each physician prior to scheduling an IME. In addition, we maintain a computer 'report card' on each physician/provider which details the quality of their services, current credentials and turn around time for the report. We note anything unusual, such as office accessibility and the names of office staff. In this way, we are able to tailor each IME to the specific needs of each claim.

Will you correspond with claimant's attorney or representative?

There is never an additional fee for corresponding with the claimant's attorney or representative. In addition, we are very comfortable with this type of communication and have the experience, courtesy and knowledge to assure that all of the claimant's needs are addressed.